F-1 OPT Employment Verification
The F-1 OPT Employment Verification record is used for reporting OPT employment details in a variety of situations.

Post-Completion OPT: Once you have obtained employment, you must complete this record and upload a copy of your employment offer letter. You are required to complete this within 10 days of the start date of employment. You must submit this form record upon your initial employment and any time that you change employment during your authorized period of OPT. 

OPT STEM Extension: You must complete and submit this record as part of your initial request for the OPT STEM extension. Once your OPT STEM extension application is approved by USCIS, you must submit this verification report every six months beginning from the start date of your OPT STEM extension. You must also submit the Form I-983 midpoint evaluation at 12 months and the Form I-983 endpoint evaluation at the end of your OPT STEM extension period.

You must also report the end of any particular employment within 10 days. To report the end of employment, go to your User Home Page and access the previously submitted employment verification report to enter the employment end date for that employment.