F-1 Out of Country Travel
Click the button below to begin your F-1 Out of Country Travel request. Before beginning the request, be sure that you have read the MUSC F-1 Travel webpage.

The completed request must be submitted at least 3 weeks prior to your anticipated departure date. However, we highly recommend that you submit these requests as far in advance as possible. You will be notified once your request has been processed and approved. Once your request has been approved, you can then proceed with requesting an appointment for the Form I-20 travel authorization signature. 

Please note that you must submit this request each time that you plan on traveling outside of the United States during your F-1 program, even if you do not need a new travel authorization signature on your Form I-20.

If you have already started an F-1 out of country travel request in Terra Dotta this term, do not start a new one. Return to your Terra Dotta User Home Page to continue working on your existing request.