F-1 Curricular Practical Training
Click the button below to begin your F-1 Curricular Practical Training (CPT) request. Before beginning the request, please be sure that you have read the MUSC F-1 CPT webpage.

Your completed CPT request must be submitted at least 3 weeks in advance of your requested CPT start date. If your CPT request is approved, an updated Form I-20 will be issued for you showing CPT authorization. You must have the CPT Form I-20 in your possession prior to starting the CPT opportunity. You will be notified if your CPT request is approved. 


If you have already started an CPT request in Terra Dotta for this term, do not start a new one. Return to your Terra Dotta User Home Page to continue working on your existing application.

A separate CPT authorization is required for each placement/work location in the SEVIS system. Therefore, a separate application is required to capture the dates, location and details of each specific training opportunity.
However, the Terra Dotta system will only allow you (the student) to submit one CPT application per semester. In order to accommodate our students who will have multiple CPT placements per semester, we developed a work around that will allow us to create separate records from the back-end to allow for multiple placements.
If you will have multiple placements (aka rotations, locations) per semester, your process will be as follows:
  1. 1. Begin the CPT application in Terra Dotta for your first training opportunity of the semester.
  2. 2. In the CPT Request questionnaire, enter the dates and details for the first training opportunity.
    1. 3. In the Multiple CPT Placements Per Semester questionnaire, enter the number of additional CPT placements you will have for this semester. For example, if you will have 3 total placements/rotations for the semester, you will indicate that you need 2 additional placements in this questionnaire.
    2. 4. Complete the other process elements of the application (upload required documents, obtain recommendation from your program, etc). Again, you are completing this application with details and documents related to your first training opportunity.
    3. 5. Submit the completed CPT application.
    4. 6. Once CGH receives the completed CPT application where you have indicated that you need additional placements for the semester, CGH will create additional CPT records in Terra Dotta corresponding to the number of CPT placements. CGH will notify you once the additional records have been created in Terra Dotta.
    5. 7. Once you are notified that the additional CPT records have been created, you will log in to your Terra Dotta portal and complete the applications for the additional CPT placements for that semester. For example, if you have 3 total placements/rotations, and the first application you submitted was for your May rotation, then you will complete one record for your June rotation and one record for your July rotation.
    6. 8. Be sure to submit each record once all elements are complete.
    7. 9. Once you have submitted all of the applications for the number of training opportunities for that semester, CGH will review your applications and authorize the CPT placements in the SEVIS system. You will be notified once the new Form I-20 has been issued. 

Please contact the Center for Global Health if you have any issues with submitting the CPT application(s) in Terra Dotta.